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Linn County

Rudd Sanitation Inc. | Garbage pick-up Central City, IA

Walker, IA


Prompt garbage services

Rate includes two cans (35 gal.) or bags up to 40 lbs. per week.  Extra cans or bags must have a garbage tag on them.


Service day is Friday. Please set out all garbage and recycling the night before or before 5 am Friday.  

Recyclable Items

We don't pick-up:

  • Paint

  • Yard Waste

  • TV’s

  • Computer Monitors

  • Tires

  • Oil Filters

  • Batteries

Please note, if your payment is past due, payment must be received no later than 2 PM on the day prior to your pickup day to guarantee service. Payment requests received after 2 PM will be applied to your account the following business day.

Click here to pay online:

  • Paper - newspaper with inserts, office paper, phone books, junk mail, magazines

  • Corrugated cardboard and chipboard – unwaxed, broken down, and tied in bundles; smaller than 4’x4’

  • Plastic - MOST plastic containers with recycle symbols [number included], numbers 1 thru 7 EXCEPT number 6

  • Tin and Aluminum Cans - all food and beverage containers

All Items Must Be Clean

  • Motor Oil needs to be in a clear plastic container with a screw on lid and set next to garbage.

  • Glass, Plastic Bags and Styrofoam Products go in the garbage